Fresh Cafe Bali Roasted Coffee -  Grounds in Drip Bags


Packing: 15g (Pack of 10sac + 2sac FOC)


Using the fine selection of coffee from the Balinese island. Bold, Chocolaty, smooth body with Nutty finish.


A popular Singapore Balinese coffee, definitely the right choice for traditional coffee lovers.

Grounds in Drip Bags - hassle-free coffee brewing process, avoid the hassle of cleaning the coffee sock, coffee accessories or machine.


How to enjoy the coffee:
1. Tear the drip bags along dotted line.
2. Place hanger onto the cup.
3. Pour boiled water through, 95DegC, 150-180ml
4. Remove drip bag and enjoy ~


* Above volume is our recommendations, you may adjust the volume or sweeten the beverage based on your own preference.

Bali Roasted Coffee - Grounds in Drip Bags 15g - 10sac + 2sac FREE

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